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PhD Student Position - image processing, opthamology

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PhD Student Position - image processing, opthamology

Firma University of Manchester and 4D optics Ltd.
Kraj Wielka Brytania / UK
Miasto Manchester
Sektor inżynieria biomedyczna / biomedical engineering, optyka / optics
okulistyka / opthamology
Typ pełny etat / full time / doktorat / PhD

Applications are invited for a PhD studentship starting in the academic year 2011-12 to work with Dr Vincent Nourrit and Dr James Graham (University of Manchester) and 4D Optics Ltd.

The diagnosis and management of many ophthalmic conditions rely on assessment of retinal images. The application of adaptive optics (AO), a technique widely used in astronomy, to retinal imaging offers the potential to obtain images of the retina at previously unachievable resolution. As a consequence of the ultra high resolution of AO imaging systems, the area being imaged is relatively small and does not offer any landmark for the clinicians to localize the area of the fundus being imaged. This constitutes an impediment to the practical application of the technology in clinical practice. AO bio-microscopy of the retina allows imaging of the retina at the cellular scale. However at this scale it is extremely difficult to determine the location of the imaging field from the AO imaging. The objective of the project is to develop an accurate image processing algorithm to perform real time landmark tracking and to implement it within a dual scale system comprising an AO fundus camera and a standard wide field fundus camera.

This position is an opportunity to join a multidisciplinary environment and gain experience in several aspects of image processing, optics and ophthalmic instrumentation. In addition, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to work both in a business and academic environment.

The ideal candidate would combine good programming skills with proven experience of algorithm and software development, and a degree in mathematics or other numerate discipline. Knowledge of Matlab and/or numerical python and C is expected and knowledge of Mac OS, OpenCL would be an asset, as would experience in image processing or computer vision. The candidate should be able to demonstrate independence and curiosity and be able to lead the project forward.

Funding Notes:

This studentship is available to UK and other EU nationals (due to funding criteria) and provides fees and stipend subject to eligibility. Applicants should hold (or be about to obtain) a first or upper second class honours degree in a related area.

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To apply for this studentship please see:

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